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City Electrician

City of Bloomington

City of Bloomington

Bloomington, IL, USA
Posted on Saturday, December 23, 2023


This position includes performing complex electrical work performed at the journeyman level in the installation, maintenance, testing, and repair of lift stations, lighting, building facilities, traffic signals and all associated components including the communications network, street and ornamental lighting and wiring, pumps and motors, civil defense systems, electrical, electronic, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) equipment associated with municipal electrical systems and equipment.

In addition, this position includes the performance of skilled tasks on a variety of installations maintained by the City. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Chief Electrician, Superintendent of Mechanical Maintenance, the City Engineer, and others as appropriate with considerable technical independence and is subject to incidental instructions on new work and installation assignments. Work is reviewed through discussion on specific problems, incidental inspection of completed work, work reports prepared, and the achievement of desired results.

Examples of Duties

This list may not include all tasks and/or knowledge which may be expected of the employee, nor does it cover all of the specific duties which may be required. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Organizes, coordinates, and performs installation, maintenance, testing, and repair work; inspects jobs under way and upon completion; advises on work problems; inspects jobs upon completion; prepares basic work reports.

  • Performs duties or participates with other staff when project assignments require.

  • Performs a variety of tasks related to the maintenance, installation, repair, programming, and testing of a variety of electrical/electronic traffic signal equipment ranging from underground cables, traffic signal cabinets, controllers, and overhead signal components in accordance with City policy, National Electric Code, and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

  • Troubleshoots traffic signal systems in order to locate malfunctions such as shorts, open or grounded circuits, and identifies reason(s) for the fault or equipment failure.

  • Uploads and downloads data between computer, signal controllers, and other traffic signal/Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) equipment.

  • Performs general electrical maintenance on street and ornamental lighting systems; repairs underground cables, re-lamps units.

  • Maintains civil defense warning sirens; trouble shoots controls; makes periodic electrical checks on equipment.

  • Uses electronic locating equipment to locate City-owned underground electric and fiber optic systems. Works with JULIE Coordinator to ensure GIS records are current to protect underground utilities.

  • Performs general electrical maintenance on municipal water system controls; installs and trouble shoots electronic flow, level process control and communications equipment; wires motor controls; maintains and repairs pumps and motors for water pumping stations and sewer lift stations.

  • Installs, programs, maintains, troubleshoots, documents and repairs a wide variety of industrial instrumentation and equipment, which includes computer systems, electronic monitoring, metering, controlling, signaling devices, PLC control systems, VFD control systems, SCADA system controls, fiber optic and Ethernet systems used in production, treatment and distribution of water, lift stations, lighting, drives, motors, facilities, etc.

  • Troubleshoots and problem solves situations/problems (material quality, equipment operation/repair, etc.).

  • Installs, alters, maintains and repairs electrical systems, equipment, switches, fixtures, and other elements in accordance with standard practices of the electrical trade and local and national electrical codes.

  • Locates and corrects power failures and identifies motor trouble on electrically operated equipment, machinery and apparatus.

  • Orders repairs, parts and tools; maintains a limited inventory of parts; maintains an equipment and parts catalog file. Updates asset inventories.

  • Ensures proper on-the-job safety procedures are followed and safety equipment is consistently and properly used. Follows proper procedures, equipment, and documentation of safety practices.

  • Prepares standard job reports; provides specific data for daily log reports; lists materials used, work performed, and man hours devoted to respective jobs.

  • Identifies and resolves all regular and extraordinary maintenance and repairs required to ensure continuous and dependable water production and sanitary sewer pumping for both regular and peak demand.

  • Coordinates maintenance activities with mechanical maintenance staff, to minimize disruption of plant or system operations.

  • Uses maintenance management software to track work and keep records of maintenance activities and equipment.

  • Estimates cost and time for all aspects of maintenance, repair and construction work.

  • Researches and assists with the design of new control systems; automates legacy systems.

  • Performs manual labor tasks associated with maintenance and repair of the systems; installs equipment and components, pulls wires, removes and replaces parts, prepares the work site; and cleans up after work is completed.

  • Assists Chief Electrician with monitoring and oversight of Contactors completing contracted maintenance work as needed.

  • Coordinates and maintains positive relationships with other City departments, other governmental entities, and private utilities in the course of performing assigned work.

Typical Qualifications

General Skill Levels

Knowledge of:

  • Municipal water system grid and its components.

  • Standard practices, materials, tools, and equipment of the electrical trade.

  • Manuals and standards such as the NEC, MUTCD, the Illinois Supplement to the MUTCD, NEMA, ITE and any other relevant standards.

  • Computer and computer software system(s) including but not limited to email, work order system, asset management, internet searches, GIS, and SCADA diagnostics and programing, ITS and traffic signal systems diagnostics and programming.

  • Practices, methods, tools, and materials used in surface water treatment plants, sanitary sewer pump stations, storm water lift stations, traffic signals, and building facilities.

  • Occupational hazards involved and the standards and safety precautions necessary in maintenance and operations of the electrical trade as it pertains to assigned work (OSHA rules, confined space, lockout tagout, PPE, etc.). Operation of electrical testing devices and instruments.

  • Principles of electrical theory as applied to electrical circuits and wiring systems and the ability to apply this knowledge to wiring, equipment and controls.

  • Communication networks including fiber optic, copper and radio regarding installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.

  • Network installation, maintenance and troubleshooting including CAT 5e and 6 cabling, fiber optic cabling, IP configuration, subnets, managed switches, POE and related technologies.

  • Operations of traffic signal equipment, ITS, communications, wiring, installation, and configuration.

  • Variable Frequency Drives and industrial controls.

  • Various voltage and multi-phase environments (DC/AC 12v, 24v, 48v,120v, 240v, 480v, 2300v, etc.)

  • Digital and micro-processor based equipment, PLC and SCADA programming, traffic signal systems programming. (Controller, MMU, Detection systems, etc.

  • Aspects and principles of maintenance and repair of electrical, electronic, traffic signal systems and SCADA systems.

  • Electrical schematics, electrical prints, wiring diagrams, and nameplates.

Skills in:

  • Use, care, and demonstration of general and specialized tools, and the equipment used in required for installation, maintenance, testing, and repair work.

  • Operating of a utility truck, bucket truck, boom truck and related maintenance vehicles.

  • Transferring technical knowledge to operational activity to achieve desired results.

  • Using tact, discretion, initiative and independent judgment within established guidelines.

Ability to:

  • Plan and organize the completion of work with skilled and semi-skilled maintenance crews and individuals.

  • Prepare standard work and operational reports.

  • Deal with the public in general and difficult work situations.

  • Troubleshoot, repair, and diagnose electronic controls and electrical equipment, wiring, and operations.

  • Perform work independently under limited supervision.

  • Ensure that proper on-the-job safety procedures are followed, and safety equipment is properly and consistently used.

  • Read and understand technical information including plans and blueprints and apply guidelines and regulations to operational situations.

  • Communicate orally and in writing with internal and external stakeholders professionally.

  • Understand and follow general oral and written instructions.

  • Work evenings, nights and weekends as required and respond to emergency situations.

  • Correctly perform basic arithmetic.

  • Correctly take, record and use measurements.

  • Diagnose operating defects in complex electrical apparatus.

  • Undertake responsibilities with initiative and judgment.

  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with subordinate personnel, managers, and the public.

  • Climb ladders and gain access to difficult and confined space areas around mechanical equipment, building systems, and roofs

Required Education/Experience:

Required: Graduation from standard high school or vocational/technical school; completion of an approved apprenticeship in electrical trades work; considerable experience in electrical maintenance and repair work at the journeyman or contractor level related to the maintenance and repair of electrical, electronic, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) equipment associated with water treatment plant, pump stations, lighting, traffic signals, and building facilities; or any equivalent combination of training and experience to provide the outlined knowledge, abilities, and skills.

Certificate and Licenses:


  • Possession and maintenance of a valid Illinois Class B Commercial Driver’s License with airbrake endorsement.

  • Obtain an International Code Council (ICC) National Contractor/Trades Examination Program Certification for National Maintenance Electrician within the probationary period.


  • Illinois EPA Public Water Supply Class D Operators License is desirable.

  • IMSA Level III Traffic Signal Technician is desirable.

Physical Requirements/Working Conditions: Reasonable accommodations may be available to assist individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position.

  • Majority of work is performed in an outdoor or plant setting in all conditions including hot, cold, wet and dry weather. Work requires traveling to construction sites and the ability to traverse a variety of natural and altered ground surfaces which may be uneven, wet or slippery or sloped.